Join me on my journey of becoming a prolific writer. Along the way, I'll share stories of my successes and struggles and any tricks I learn in the process. I'll also share writing prompts and lessons (the ones I would have done with students had I gone the teacher route).  Please share your own experiences. My goal is for this to be a place of encouragement for myself and for readers.

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If I didn't write or work or parent, I'd be a full time crafter. Having started sewing and crocheting as a child, I've taken the love of all things crafting into my adulthood. Much like my growing stack of books-to-read, I have large stashes of fabric and yarn. If you like to craft, hang around and see my projects where I'll share my failures and quick fixes.

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Books & Life

I try to read at least one book a month, my book club book, and if I have time, I'll pick up something else. Stay tuned for my reviews of those books and thoughts on other book newsl Occasionally, I'll share a bit about myself. I'm a bit on the boring side and normally don't like to share a lot, so this area may be a bit sparse. But when something fun happens, I'll share it for a laugh.

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Becoming a writer

I've dreamed of being a writer since the second grade after Ms. Hannah told me my story about the panda who lost it's spots was one of the best in class. Teachers, sometimes a small remark can make a big difference in a student. You may never see it, but how you treat students does matter.

I've dabbled in writing ever since, mostly thinking about writing, reading about writing, and now listening to podcasts about writing.

I attended Radford University. Surprisingly, it took me several years to become an English major, which should have been a no-brainer, bu my parents said I had to have a day job, and of course, everyone knows writing doesn't pay the bills.

I explored several majors in my first two years; fashion design, speech therapy, interior design, business systems, nothing stuck. Finally during junior year, my adviser said I had to declare, and since I had already taken several English electives, it made the most sense to go ahead and go with English. Fortunately, English isn't just for novel writing. I took business writing classes to round out my studies to make sure I could get that coveted day job.

Since college, I worked at a local newspaper perfecting my skills in advertising, specifically digital media.

This past year, I've stopped thinking about writing as a hobby. I'm dedicating my free time to writing and taking steps towards publication. I hope to see results in 2020. This is my journey.

Dana Bailey

Next Steps….

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