Sewing Dragons

My daughter asked me to make this dragon for her back in January. It was supposed to be a Valentine’s present, but I got behind.

I’m used to sewing teddy bears, so much so, I don’t have to read the patterns anymore. However, this dragon was a bit tricky. It’s fairly small, and for me, sewing small things are harder than bigger ones. And it had lots of parts. However, I finally finished in time for Easter.

I worked on it Friday night while listening to DJ Shock’s Facebook dance party. It was a rather surreal sewing a dragon while reminiscing about college. But this was the perfect mix, and I needed it more than I knew.

Sewing is a great stress reducer because you have to concentrate. You don’t want to sew the wrong things together, or get your fingers caught. There’s no room to be thinking of all your worries. And listening to music and thinking of fun times, and drinking a mixed drink, created a relaxing moment.

Anyway, my daughter didn’t know I was working on the dragon and was surprised to see it in her Easter basket. I’ve seen her carrying it around several times. This warmed my heart considering she’s a little old for stuffed animals now, and she has so many nicer ones.

My advice if you’re feeling overwhelmed, is to look for small moments like these. Happy times can be found even within crazy times.


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