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Book Bingo

I’ve seen several reading challenges and book bingos on Pinterest and other blogs. I love the idea, especially bingo. It’s both fun and interactive. And it encourages reading outside of your comfort zone.

However, some of them can be very challenging. Not everyone wants to read a book that was written before 1850 or one that will make you cry. If you’re looking for something more challenging like that, try this one from POPSUGAR. That can be fun too, but I wanted something I know I can accomplish.

Because I’ve been in the creating printables mood, I decided to create my own 2023 Book Bingo card to share with you.

It should be fairly easy to get bingo as I’ve left off advanced spaces like, read a book over 500 pages. Plus, I intentionally made some of these vague so you can interpret how you want. For example, a quick read can be either a novella or a book that you speed through. And, if you do read a book older than 1850, that could be the classic.

Good luck with your 2023 reading goals. Let me know if you get bingo, what row, and what books you recommend.

If you want to create your own book bingo or other printables, check out (Not a sponsor). They have a lot of free options to create logos, checklists, and social media images. I’ve used them for both work and personal projects.

I’ll check back later this year. I’m interested to see if anyone will get a blackout bingo.

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