About Dana


Join me on my journey of becoming a prolific writer. Along the way, I’ll share stories of my successes and struggles and any tricks I learn in the process. I’ll also share writing prompts and lessons (the ones I would have done with students had I gone the teacher route).  Please share your own experiences. My goal is for this to be a place of encouragement for myself and for readers.

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If I didn’t write or work or parent, I’d be a full time crafter. Having started sewing and crocheting as a child, I’ve taken the love of all things crafting into my adulthood. Much like my growing stack of books-to-read, I have large stashes of fabric and yarn. If you like to craft, hang around and see my projects where I’ll share my failures and quick fixes.

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Books & Life

I try to read at least one book a month, my book club book, and if I have time, I’ll pick up something else. Stay tuned for my reviews of those books and thoughts on other book newsl Occasionally, I’ll share a bit about myself. I’m a bit on the boring side and normally don’t like to share a lot, so this area may be a bit sparse. But when something fun happens, I’ll share it for a laugh.

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Becoming a writer

Anyone who told you the path to becoming a writer was easy, either lied or had an extreme amount of luck.

But just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it’s something we should give up on. Not if you feel, deep down, that this is your calling, and it’s worth the effort to keep going.

Life isn’t easy either. We mature and grow and learn from all that’s thrown our way. As writers, we must do the same. Because it’s those mistakes and rejections that shape us into better story crafters.

Join me as we navigate this path together.

Dana Bailey