-Excerpt from the five-star reviewed book Firebird

Meet Young Adult Author Dana Rose Bailey

The fuzz was scarlet, the same shade as my hair. I pinched a piece off the towel and held the soft substance, rolling it between my thumb and index finger. It’s just not possible, I thought. I jerked my head to the mirror and swallowed before turning around and craning my neck to see my back. The nubs were covered in the same red fuzz.

Firebird  is Dana's big debut. What began as a dream, turned from an action adventure novel similar to other winged girl novels into the story of Grace Peregrine an average girl going through a big change. It's the unique story of a girl who grows wings, falls in love, and learns to fly. In a way, it's all of our stories.  Dana is currently working on the sequel. We can't wait to see what happens next!